Our History

vacca antigua

VACCA has 70 years of history, which leads to being the oldest Spanish company in the industrial refrigeration and air conditioning sector. In these years we have always had as a main activity the provision of services and implementation of cooling processes to meet the demands of the most relevant companies in Vallés.

In 2006, the company went to a stage of diversification in its departments by taking responsibility for the official technical service of the company Frigel Firenze for the entire peninsular territory, becoming an exclusive distributor of the products of said brand.

Frigel Firenze Intelligent cooling process, present internationally, produces equipment to cool industrial production processes and components. Its machinery is in the world front line from the technological point of view and obtains the increase in production of the productive processes of which it intervenes, as well as the decrease in operating costs such as saving water and energy, its main competitive arguments. Some of the Frigel products have specific and pioneering applications as substitutes for cooling towers under very favorable conditions, not only in saving water (a single tower consumes miles of liters every hour), but also in reducing the risks of Legionella contamination.

From the moment he accepted the challenge of distributing Frigel products, VACCA ENGINEERING allocated significant resources in its technical team to open up to the peninsular market.

The result has been an upward progression of implementations throughout the market, accompanied by new energy saving alternatives for production systems where the decrease in energy consumption is crucial without reducing the quality of the manufactured product.

During this extensive period of 70 years, Vacca Engineering has positioned itself technologically at the forefront of its competitors.

At present, VACCA ENGINEERING is developing a new renewable energy department mainly applied to refrigeration and thermal installations, focusing a part of its activity to exponentially increase energy efficiency in the Industrial sector, proposing efficient solutions using renewable resources, which lead directly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

For this, VACCA ENGINEERING offers its engineering studies, energy analysis and contribution of solutions based on specific photovoltaic systems, carrying out their implementation and maintenance.