Efficient production with adiabatic cooling systems

Sistema de refrigeración adiabático Ecodry

Frigel's Ecodry adiabatic cooling system reduces water use by up to 95%

As resource conservation is crucial in any industry, the trend towards sustainable production forces manufacturers to evaluate their  refrigeration processes  industry and choose newer equipment, which allows them to minimize the use of water, energy, chemicals and other materials.

As resource conservation is crucial in any industry, the trend towards sustainable production forces manufacturers to evaluate their  industrial refrigeration systems and choose more avant-garde equipment,  that allow them to minimize the use of water, energy, chemical products and other materials .

In the main industrial sectors (chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, PET and automotive among others), where process cooling requirements are increasing, Ecodry adiabatic cooling systems have emerged as an attractive option for companies that need to manage their cooling processes more efficiently.


Sistema de refrigeración adiabático Ecodry

At Vacca Engineering we are aware of this reality, and for this reason we are exclusive distributors for Spain and Portugal of  Frigel Firenze ,  leading manufacturer of intelligent refrigeration systems with this type of adiabatic technology , thus helping many customers to meet their needs in this regard. 

What is adiabatic cooling?

It is a water cooling system.
closed circuit that uses the ambient air by crossing it with small
sprayed particles of water and that combined to a heat exchanger
water-air (radiator), axial fans that allow air convection
forced and an adiabatic system for air pre-cooling allows to cool the
equipment battery water efficiently and without high maintenance costs.
Energy. This system has monitoring devices for a
optimal management.

The adiabatic cooling system allows the total absence of polluting chemical agents

How the process is carried out

These water particles steal energy
heat to hot air, managing to change the state of the water from
liquid to gaseous (sensible heat consumption and latent heat storage
in water vapour), and that is why this process is called
adiabatic, since it indicates that it is carried out at a constant temperature.

Adiabatic cooling process

How Frigel Ecodry 3DK works

Frigel’s adiabatic cooling system is designed to reduce
the use of water up to 95% , which makes it an alternative
much better than traditional cooling towers that, although they are
effective, consume too much water. This patented technology is one of the
ecological solutions that has positioned Frigel in the world market for
refrigeration equipment, since it provides greater efficiency in the transfer
of heat, reduced maintenance and the total absence of chemical agents
pollutants, reasons why we are proud to represent the
Frigel brand at peninsular level.

Cómo funciona el enfriador adiabático Ecodry
Cómo funciona el enfriador adiabático Ecodry

The patented Ecodry 3DK adiabatic cooler is a centralized closed loop adiabatic cooling system designed to replace older evaporative cooling tower technology. Installed outside the system, it eliminates the heat extracted from the process, achieving:

  • Better cooling performance with higher heat transfer efficiency  heat
  • Exceptional operating cost savings, resulting in low cost  full ownership
  • New standards in terms of Environmental Impact, both ecological footprint  as total emissions.
  • Robustness and reliability of the system, designed for production areas where  The aim is to avoid production stoppages at all costs.
  • System Patented by Frigel Firenze, offering the highest performance of  current adiabatic coolers on the market.
  • Monitoring system in order to see the temperatures at all times  of output to process, the consumption of the equipment and if it presents alarms or not.
We explain more about the Ecodry 3DK in the following video:

Characteristics of Ecodry 3DK

  Machinery that allows total control thanks to the following characteristics:

  • Maximum temperature of the water to be processed: 30/35°C (86/95˚F)
  • Cooling capacity: 50 – 10,000 kW (14 – 2,845 tons) 
  • Process water flow: 10 – 2,000 m3 / hr (45 – 8,805 gpm)
  • High-efficiency adiabatic chamber for air pre-cooling, for operation in ambient temperatures up to 50°C (122˚F)
  • Drainable configuration to prevent freezing
  • Heat exchangers with a large exchange surface, with copper tubes and aluminum fins with hydrophilic protection.
  • Axial fans with brushless DC motors, driven by inverter and individually connected
  • Modular design with pre-assembled stainless steel connection manifolds
  • Stainless steel structure and aluminum access panels.

Advantages of Ecodry 3DK

It is a liquid cooler with better performance that implies some advantages
such as:

  • Guaranteed operation with minimal water consumption and maintenance even in extreme weather conditions, up to 50°C (122˚F) ambient temperature
  • Safe winter operation without glycol down to ambient temperature of -40°C (-40˚F)
  • High energy saving of the fans in load operation
  • Compact installation with minimal floor space required between modules
  • High reliability with electrical redundancy and built with 100% non-ferrous materials.

Difference between the Ecodry and the rest of the adiabatic coolers on the market

It As we have been commenting throughout the article, there are many advantages offered by the Ecodry adiabatic air cooler compared to other refrigeration systems. But if we focus properly on the adiabatic processes, the big difference between the Frigel Ecodry and the rest of the adiabatic coolers on the market is its patented adiabatic chamber:

Cámara adiabática patentada
Funcionamiento cámara adiabática patentada por Frigel
Inyección de agua en los paneles de un aeroenfriador convencional

As can be seen in the images, both
equipment contain the panels that will collect the water for later
proceed to carry out the corresponding cooling process. The difference
is that: conventional equipment requires much more water because
It works by completely soaking up the water through jets, and it is lost.
While the Ecodry system, through its adiabatic chamber, performs a
nebulization process to humidify both the air and, in parallel, the
panels, thus optimizing water consumption.

For this reason Ecodry is unique in the
market, being the most ecological and sustainable adiabatic cooler that exists
currently, allowing savings not only in water, but also reducing up to
CO2 as well as operating costs by 40% thanks to its technology
Exclusively patented by Frigel Group.

What benefits has Ecodry 3DK brought to companies during Covid-19

During the crisis suffered due to COVID-19, even at the height of the pandemic,  Frigel it was easy for him to be there for his clients, because of his  international presence in Asia, America and Europe.

This has been a historic period in which many companies have had to adapt their production floor several times, maintaining, restarting and sometimes reconfiguring their infrastructures. In this situation, they have needed their partners / suppliers more than ever, but the travel restrictions have made the difference. Therefore, having engineering, service and even local distribution in Spain and Portugal, is a competitive advantage. At times during the crisis, purchasing decisions have literally had to be made at the last minute, and Being close to our clients has been crucial in order to continue giving them the best service.


The pandemic has become an occasion for manufacturers to realize how integrated cooling systems can really contribute to their efficiency, as at a time when many companies saw their turnover volumes and sales margins decline, the industry focused more on cost efficiency of production, and  integrated refrigeration systems are a very good answer to this need, because they are synchronized with the processing lines. This means that their consumption follows actual demand: that is, if a production line stops, the cooling system also stops, saving energy and money while the rest of the factory continues. When demand drops and production needs to decrease, synchronous cooling works accordingly, using less energy as a result.

New Ecodry LDK: The revolution of the industry

Frigel Group has launched the new Ecodry LDK . A product capable of meeting increased capacity demand in a harsh industrial environment. Leveraging their extensive experience in adiabatic cooling, they have added new features requested by the market. With its modular configuration, the LDK can cover a capacity range from 400 to 2,800 kW . Industrial design for cooling medium and heavy loads. The new Ecodry will help our current and future customers to stay ahead of their competitors thanks to Frigel’s patented solutions, which offer greater operational efficiency on the one hand and, on the other hand, reduce water consumption and carbon footprint as much as possible. carbon, being much more sustainable.

Nuevo aeroenfriador adiabático Ecodry LDK

Adiabatic cooling plays a fundamental role in technological conversion, especially regarding the replacement of cooling towers. This is due to many factors, including underlying strategies to improve overall efficiency, the growing desire of the business community to use “green” solutions, as well as safe operation. In this video we tell you more about the new Frigel Ecodry LDK:

There are many benefits that adiabatic cooling systems  Ecodry 3DK and LDK can contribute to your business, and from Vacca Engineering
We carry out the entire process: sale, installation, after-sales service and maintenance. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to
contact us !

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