Reduces 95% of water and saves 95% in maintenance costs

Frigel’s Ecodry adiabatic cooling system compared to  evaporative cooling towers :

· Reduces water consumption up to 95% and energy consumption up to 40%

· Provides greater efficiency in heat transfer

· Reduce maintenance costs by up to 95% and operating costs by up to 40%,

· Reduce CO2 (carbon footprint) by up to 40%

· Allows the total absence of polluting chemical agents, as well as Glycol, reducing the risk of emissions by up to 95%

· Drastically reduces the risk of Legionella

· It offers the best results even in the most difficult weather conditions.  

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It has 2 working modes:

During most of the year, the unit works as a conventional dry cooler, without water consumption and the heat carried by the water is dissipated in the ambient air by convection of the air forced by the fans. 

During periods of high ambient temperature and only when dry mode is not sufficient to keep the leaving water temperature within a preset maximum set point, adiabatic mode is automatically activated. The high temperature ambient air, before entering the finned exchanger, passes through the “adiabatic chamber” (patented) where moisture is added and consequently pre-cooled. In this case, the control system continuously regulates the amount of water evaporation, only when necessary, to maintain the desired set point.

Integrated refrigeration systems are synchronized with the processing lines

This means your
Consumption follows real demand: that is, if a production line stops, the
cooling system also shuts down, saving energy and money
while the rest of the factory continues. When demand falls and
production needs to decrease, synchronized cooling works accordingly,
consequently using less energy.

How the Ecodry 3DK adiabatic cooling system works

Cómo funciona el enfriador adiabático Ecodry
The patented adiabatic cooler  Ecodry 3DK is a centralized closed loop adiabatic cooling system designed to replace older evaporative cooling tower technology. Installed outside the system, it eliminates the heat extracted from the process, achieving:

  • Better cooling performance with higher heat transfer efficiency
  • Exceptional operating cost savings, resulting in a low total cost of ownership
  • New standards in terms of Environmental Impact, both in terms of ecological footprint and total emissions
  • Robustness and reliability of the system, designed for production areas where it is intended to avoid production stoppages at all costs
  • Monitoring system in order to see at all times the temperature of the process output, the consumption of the equipment and if it presents alarms or not
  • system patented by  Frigel Firenze , offering the highest performance of current adiabatic coolers on the market.

We explain more about the Ecodry 3DK in the following video:

Advantages of the Ecodry 3DK Adiabatic Dry Cooler

It is a liquid cooler with better performance that implies some advantages such as:

  • Guaranteed operation with minimum water consumption and maintenance  even in extreme weather conditions,  up to 50°C  room temperature
  • Safe winter operation without glycol up to an ambient temperature of  -40°C 
  • High energy saving of the fans in partial load operation
  • Compact installation with minimal floor space required between modules 
  • High reliability with electrical redundancy and built with 100% non-ferrous materials.

Characteristics of the Ecodry 3DK Adiabatic Dry Cooler

Machinery that allows total control thanks to the following characteristics:

  • Maximum temperature of the water to be processed: 30/35 °C 
  • Cooling capacity: 50 – 10,000 kW (14 – 2,845 tons)
  • Water flow to process: 10 – 2,000 m3 / hr (45 – 8,805 gpm)
  • High-efficiency adiabatic chamber for air pre-cooling, for operation in ambient temperatures up to 50 °C 
  • Drainable configuration to prevent freezing
  • Heat exchangers with a large exchange surface, with tubes of  copper and aluminum fins with hydrophilic protection
  • Axial fans with DC motors, brushless, driven by inverter and  individually connected
  • Modular design with pre-assembled stainless steel connection manifolds
  • Stainless steel frame and aluminum access panels

What differentiates the Ecodry 3DK from the rest of adiabatic coolers

As can be seen in the images, both units contain the panels that will collect the water to later proceed to carry out the corresponding cooling process. The difference is that: the conventional equipment requires much more water because it works by completely soaking it by injection, and then all that water is lost. While the Ecodry system, through its patented adiabatic chamber, carries out a nebulization process to humidify both the air and the panels in parallel, thus optimizing water consumption.

For this reason, Ecodry is unique in the market, being the most ecological and sustainable adiabatic cooler that currently exists, saving not only 95% of water, but also reducing CO2 by up to 40%, as well as operating and maintenance costs. maintenance, thanks to its technology patented exclusively by the Frigel Group.

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