Turbogel: precise control of water temperature

Instalación controlador de temperatura del agua Turbogel

What is Turbogel and how does it control the temperature of the water

Turbogel is a high efficiency temperature controller, specially designed for thermoregulation and precise control of flow and pressure.

Digitally synchronized with the centralized system of the installation, it allows researching and recording the best flow rate and temperature adjustment for each zone, optimizing the quality of the product with the minimum cooling cycle time.


With a heating capacity from 6 to 48 kW, it is available in two versions depending on the type of process pumps required:


      SP = standard pressure, high flow pumps

      HP = high pressure and large flow pumps


Likewise, it allows precise control of the reactor or mold temperature , with a maximum margin of error of 0.3°C, as well as the optimization of the production process: flow rate and pressure depending on the need. What’s more, Turbogel offers better aesthetics and constant dimensional stability, as well as lower operating costs , due to reduced consumption and energy savings .

Termorregulador para control preciso de temperatura del agua
Turbogel: el controlador de temperatura de Frigel

Advantages of the Turbogel water thermoregulator

The choice of components, assembly procedures and rigorous product testing ensure continuous operation with maximum reliability. even in the most difficult conditions. But there are many more advantages available to this water temperature control unit from the group frigel :

Infografia ventajas Turbogel de Frigel

Advantages for the process

repeatability and high productivity

      possibility of
seek and store the best refrigeration conditions

independence in the adjustment of work parameters

      Control of
process specific pressure and temperature.

      precision in
process temperature control

cooling efficiency and minimum temperature difference in the reactor/mold.

      high reliability

integration between Turbogel, machine and operator.

Controlador de agua para moldes y reactores químicos
Turbogel controla el agua de forma precisa tanto en moldes como en reactores químicos

Advantages for the user and the company

      Low consumption
power and fast start-up

      Low consumption
pump power

      low losses
related to thermal losses in the environment

      Reduction of
downtime for reactor changeover and preheating

      low cost of
maintenance (simple and fast).

Termorregulador para el control del agua de forma precisa

Advantages of Digital Touch Screen Controller

     Complete electrical panel with door lock switch

     Microprocessor controller developed to Frigel specifications

     Possibility of installing the most popular interface systems for communication with the machines of 

    production and centralized supervision

      Complete control of the hydraulic circuit through pressure and temperature sensors.

If you need more information about Frigel’s high-efficiency Turbogel thermoregulator, don’t hesitate to contact us ! In addition, at Vacca Engineering we make it easy for you because, if you need it, we carry out the technical study, installation, after-sales service and maintenance, offering you a complete “turnkey” service. 

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