Legionella, cooling tower and adiabatic cooler

How Legionella affects the cooling tower and the Ecodry adiabatic cooler

Outbreaks of legionella arise every summer, registering
an increase in cases in the summer season. In order to be able to reduce
maximum risk of this disease “the new Royal Decree on criteria
hygienic-sanitary for the prevention and control of legionellosis
will publish throughout this year 2021, and will repeal the current
Decree 865/2003
 for which
establish the hygienic-sanitary criteria for the prevention and control
of legionellosis, modifying the regulatory framework in order to adapt it to
the epidemiological information currently available in Spain”, as
they explain us from AEFYT (Association
Española del Frío and its Technologies) and caloryfrio.com.

As far as industrial refrigeration is concerned, we
we find that the pools of water from the cooling towers create the
ideal conditions for legionella bacteria to reproduce, which is why
which is why the Frigel Group decided to deal with this problem, creating
the adiabatic air cooler
Ecodry , which drastically reduces
the risk of bacteria, in addition to saving water, energy and reducing costs.

Torre de refrigeración

Why can the cooling tower contribute to the risk of generating Legionella?

The water cooling tower, when using said stagnant water
in the ponds as a cooling medium, it ends up dragging water particles
contaminated with the bacteria into the environment, causing outbreaks of legionellosis
when inhaled by people. In this case, to prevent this from happening,
chemicals should be used for water treatment (which
affects the ozone layer), as well as investing in maintenance (which increases
costs), and follow the necessary protocols to avoid the reproduction of
the bacterium, its proliferation and its subsequent diffusion in the environment, carrying out
proper cleaning of equipment.

Legionela en la torre enfriadora de agua
Proceso de una torre enfriadora de agua

Advantages of the Ecodry adiabatic cooler

Today there is a simple, advanced and
sustainable: the closed circuit adiabatic liquid cooler
Ecodry Gel by Frigel. A facility considered low risk for Legionella and
of high energy efficiency, and that we carry out from Vacca Engineering
as official and exclusive distributor of
Frigel Group in Spain and Portugal.

Sistema de refrigeración adiabático Ecodry
Aeroenfriador adiabático Ecodry 3DK

The advantages of EcodryGel are the following:

  • Frigel air coolers use a so-called adiabatic cooling system that prevents the proliferation of legionella.
  • Reduces maintenance costs by up to 90% compared to the cooling tower because it eliminates:

or  The continuous cleaning

or  Biocide and legionella analyzes

or  Comprehensive disinfections

or  Official mandatory inspections


       Replacing all this with a simple annual cleaning of the nebulizers, exempt from official inspections.

  • Reduces the high operating costs of the towers because:

or  Requires up to 95% less water

or  And 33% less electricity

or   PTo perform the same process as the cooling tower


       R esulting much more efficient, sustainable and respectful with the environment.

  • 3 year amortization:

OR   By reducing maintenance and operating costs, as well as water and electricity bills, it is achieved
amortize before

OR   These facilities may be subject to energy saving subsidy lines.

Enfriador adiabático Ecodry
Instalación aeroenfriadores adiabáticos EcodryGel de Frigel

If after all this you are thinking of replacing the
traditional cooling tower by the adiabatic air cooler EcodryGel of
Frigel, from Vacca Engineering we make it easy for you because, if you
you need, we carry out the technical study, installation, after-sales service
and maintenance, offering you a complete “turnkey” service. If you want
know more, do not hesitate to
contact us!  

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