We are waiting for you at Expoquimia 2021

We will be present at  Expoquimia from September 14 to 17 in Hall 3, Level 0, Street B, Stand 142 of the Fira Barcelona Gran Vía venue ( see map ).

To request invitations  You can do it by sending an email to: marketing@vacca.es

mapa situación stand expoquimia

We will show on site how the Frigel Group TURBOGEL thermoregulator works together with a chemical/pharmaceutical reactor: high efficiency, reduced cycle times and a maximum margin of error of 0.3ºC.

Reactor químico y farmacéutico con termorregulador controlador de temperatura.
Reactor químico en conexión con un termorregulador.


high efficiency temperature and flow. Thermoregulation of chemical reactors
and molds. Pioneering applications for the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

control units
high performance (single and dual zone) with pumps
reinforcement. Turbogel is a cooling unit for chemical reactors and molds
with one or two high flow booster pump temperature controllers,
specifically designed for reduction in cooling time
cycle. High precision, with a maximum error of 0.3°C

Digitally synchronized with the centralized system
of the facility (either the molding machine or a chemical reactor, depending on the
type of process), allows you to investigate and record the best flow rate setting and
temperature for each zone and the sequence of heating and/or cooling
that optimizes the quality of the product , as well as the production process,
reducing the cycle time, as well as the generation of scrap.

Depending on the required temperature, these
units can work with water (up to 90°C/190˚F) and pressurized water (up to 180°C/350˚F).
Range available in 6 models for the double zone version and 8 models for the
single zone, with heating capacity from 6 to 48Kw. Available with two
process pump versions: high flow, standard pressure (SP) and large
flow, high pressure (HP).

Termorregulador, controlador de temperatura, alta eficiencia, sostenibilidad, ahorro energético
Termorregulador Turbogel de alta eficiencia


single temperature with integrated chiller and booster pumps, designed
to increase productivity by reducing cooling time
of the processes.

Termorregulador, control de temperatura, alta eficiencia, ahorro de energía, sostenibilidad
Termorregulador Microgel de alta eficiencia


• Range: from 5° to 90°C 

• High precision and temperature control in the reactor with a maximum error of 0.3º C.

• Allows research and recording of the best cooling parameters, flow rate and temperature for each zone, optimizing the quality of the product with the minimum cooling time.

• Can be digitally synchronized with the reactor and/or scada communication system

• Perfect repeatability

• Each reactor works with the shortest cooling time

• Optimization of the production process: flow and pressure depending on the need

• From 20 to 450 kg/h

• More than 50 models

• Cooling capacity from 4 to 180 kW

• Heating capacity from 6 to 48 kW

• Automatic reactor drain function

• Automatic freecooling as standard.

Termorregulador, controlador de temperatura, eficiencia energética, ahorro
Microgel con enfriador integrado y bombas de refuerzo

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal. Also, from VaccaEngineering  We make it easy for you because, if you
you need, we carry out the technical study, installation, after-sales service
and maintenance, offering you a complete “turnkey” service.

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