Chiller 3FX: Modular water cooled chillers

Energy efficiency and free cooling with 3FX modular water cooled chillers

Frigel and Vacca Engineering present the fully modular lines of water-cooled chillers:  

With a range of 25 to 139 tons each, the 3FX product line features high efficiency energy , allowing easy expansion. Also, it is capable of provide free cooling as part of an integrated closed-loop process cooling system.

Frigel, the world market leader in intelligent process cooling, has announced that its Modular Chiller line  of central chillers now includes its new family of modular, energy-efficient 3FX water chillers ranging from 25 to 139 tons.

Designed for use in conjunction with adiabatic cooling systems Ecodry  3DKFrigel’s proprietary equipment offering automatic free cooling capability, 3FX chillers are a key component of a digitally controlled integrated closed-loop intelligent cooling system designed to save energy and deliver optimal performance.

3FX Chiller enfriadora de agua industrial
Enfriadores de agua modulares, de alta eficiencia energética y que van desde 25 a las 139 toneladas.

How the 3FX Modular Chiller works

Each complete modular system is
specifically designed under the concept “plug and
play” of modular coolers, which consists of building
systems with multiple units, capable of reaching high capacities of
cooling. In addition, they offer an unmatched level of flexibility, which
gives industrial users the ability to expand in a way
easy , well meeting your cooling needs in the different
production processes, or the need to have redundant equipment.

These units are designed
to build “an integrated system” , either in configuration
parallel (modular refrigeration systems), or in series (modular refrigeration systems).
multi-stage cooling).

Each compact cooler is
digitally controlled and takes up minimal space, as they are designed
as a complete and independent package, consisting of a circuit of
single refrigeration, rotary compressors, evaporator and condenser. The
chillers can be configured to provide up to 850 tons of
cold capacity.

12 models available

Frigel 3FX chillers are available in 12 models to meet the demands of a wide range of process cooling applications, while also offering high Energy Efficiency Ratings (EER) , allowing us to lead the industry, no matter what. be the working conditions.

Of the 12 models, 7 are designed with high-efficiency Bitzer screw compressors that offer 41 to 139 tons of cooling per unit, and allow capacity modulation from 25 to 100 percent. And the remaining five models have
dual tandem scroll compressors, offering between 25 and 65 tons of cooling capacity per unit.

Enfriadora de agua industrial chiller modular
Sistema modular completo específicamente diseñado bajo el concepto “plug and play”

Integrated cooling system: 3FX Modular Chiller, Ecodry adiabatic cooler and 3PR smart controller

Frigel offers 3FX chillers as part of a total integrated system designed to cost-effectively deliver process cooling uniquely for each customer to meet their process cooling needs. In addition to the 3FX chillers, Frigel offers the complete system including: an Ecodry adiabatic cooler, a pumping group, an Aquagel reservoir and efficient filtration. All are modular units, designed to minimize installation costs and ease expansion.

The Frigel 3PR intelligent control system is capable of automatically monitoring and adjusting the system to ensure optimal performance based on a wide range of operating parameters. The controller, in combination with a motorized 3-way modulating valve, automatically shuts down the 3FX chillers, allowing the Ecodry unit to supply process water at the required temperature. Thus, thanks to the flow of ambient air, free cooling and energy can be achieved, saving up to 80% in costs if conditions allow.

The 3PR controller automatically manages system capacity to ensure energy optimization . It also performs self-diagnostics, and provides remote control to help operators monitor system performance at all times, while ensuring peak performance. 

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