Balance 2021 and Purposes 2022

In case you still don’t know us: Vacca Engineering’s activity is main the provision of services and implementation of processes of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning since 1949. In 2006 the company became responsible for official technical service company Frigel Firenze for the entire peninsular territorybeing the exclusive distributor of the products of said brand. 

For our company, 2021 has It has been a year full of challenges and achievements. We have worked hard and we are very proud of everything we have achieved, that’s why we want to share it with you.

Thus, given our extensive experience throughout these more than 70 years and our firm purpose of to be closer to the people who are part of it in one way or another of the sector, in 2021 we consider the need to offer and share content of quality, which led us to create a blog , expanding our channels of communication with the aim of be more connected with you.

So if you missed any article, here are some of the highlights:

On the other hand, we have created new synergies that have also allowed us to grow and expand our lines of business: through Tecca Cooling Solutions We offer you a service for the installation of conservation chambers (positive temperature) and freezing chambers (negative temperature) with ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2). 

The installations can be of any size, since we design tailor-made and turnkey projects. We also have highly energy-efficient and self-manufactured machinery, such as ammonia chillers. In addition, we implement a 4.0 maintenance service (predictive and preventive) that minimizes corrective action. To do this, we have our own control software that allows remote supervision and control of the facilities with availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Sala de máquinas NH3 para cámaras de baja temperatura y salas de elaboración a temperatura positiva.

More and more customers trust us, which has led us to expand our staff throughout 2021, making a team of excellent professionals available to them, both at a technical and engineering level, to always continue offering the best service, as it is our top priority.

Likewise, taking care of the planet is everyone’s responsibility and, in our case, we are pleased to have the most sustainable machinery on the market from the Frigel Group .

The launch of the new Ecodry LDK has been a great step in this 2021. A new generation of adiabatic coolers that, compared to cooling towers, save up to 95% water, 40% energy, reduce the ozone footprint, avoid the use of chemical products and, at the same time, help businesses save on operating and maintenance costs. All this thanks to its exclusive adiabatic chamber patented by Frigel.

enfriador adiabatico, refrigeracion industrial, eficiencia energetica, sostenibilidad, ahorro gastos, consumo responsable, medio ambiente

Lastly, but also very importantly, during 2021 we began to teach industrial refrigeration courses in an institution as outstanding as the  College of Engineers of Barcelona. Sharing our expertise with professionals in the sector, dealing with issues related to the regulations of the BOE RD 552/2019, as well as the operation and calculation of all the main elements of a refrigeration circuit, including practical cases both in the dimensioning and design of cold rooms, and of cooling systems for production processes: cooling of reactors, moulds, etc.

colegio ingenieros barcelona

In summary, it has been a year in which we have worked hard, but which has given us the fruits we expected, and which has filled us with motivation to continue advancing and improving in 2022, which will undoubtedly come full of new challenges.

For our part, our commitment will continue to be to maintain our quality levels, ensuring maximum efficiency in our equipment and facilities, applying predictive maintenance techniques. May our attention to our customers continue to be excellent. We will continue to increase our staff to provide the best support and we will provide the best refrigeration solutions to optimize our clients’ industrial processes to the maximum. And we will continue working on being increasingly sustainable, to continue helping our planet to preserve its natural resources, contributing to energy efficiency and caring for the environment.

So don’t miss any of our news because an exciting 2022 awaits us!


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