Installation in the hotel sector: maximum water and energy savings

Next, we will detail the successful installation at the Hotel Condestable in Jaén, where we replaced its open cooling tower with a  Ecodry adiabatic air cooler , the perfect solution to cover all the needs that this case required, saving water and energy. 

aeroenfriador adiabatico, refrigeracion industrial, ahorro agua, eficiencia energetica
Aeroenfriador Adiabático Ecodry 3DK

Successful installation: how to save water and energy in the hotel sector

Hotel Condestable de Jaén had for its cooling process a  open cooling tower, which entailed both high water consumption and the use of chemical treatments. In the case of the hotel, by having this machinery placed on its roof, the detachment of water particles typical of this equipment, taking into account the use of chemical products that we mentioned, could be a risk for customers who used the terrace. and the solarium of the hotel, given the proximity. Likewise, the cooling tower had a high sound pressure, that is, it exceeded the decibels established in the city according to the regulations. 

Problems to deal with derived from the cooling tower

Thus, according to the needs that the client required, the key points to be addressed were the following:

  • The need to drastically reduce consumption  of water and stop using chemicals
  • Solve noise problems that did not comply with municipal regulations
  • Avoid any spread of particles of  water to the solarium and the terrace
  • Have a team that is more sustainable with the environment
  • save on expenses 

Solution: replace the cooling tower with the Ecodry adiabatic air cooler

After carrying out the corresponding study, we took care of replacing the conventional cooling tower with a much more sustainable cooling system with high energy efficiency: the Ecodrygel 3DK 5.2 Self-draining adiabatic air cooler. Frigel  for the condensation of a 340Kw chiller, intended for hotel air conditioning. 

instalacion de exito, refrigeracion industrial, hoteles
Instalación del Ecodry 3DK de Frigel en sustitución de la torre de refrigeración

Achievements achieved after the installation of Ecodry

After carrying out the entire installation, we managed to ensure that the Hotel Condestable in Jaén could have a highly
efficient and ecological that, compared to the conventional cooling tower that you had previously, allowed you to:

  • Reduce water consumption by 90%
  • Reduce electricity consumption by 30%
  • Completely eliminate the use of chemical products
  • Without glycol: the  possibility to work without glycol thanks to reliable and proven self-draining technology and design
  • Eliminate health inspections for Legionella
  • Comply with municipal sound regulations
  • Eliminate the spread of water particles to the terrace and solarium that directly affected customers.
Enfriamiento adibático, sector hotelero, refrigeración industrial, sostenibilidad, ahorro
Enfriamiento adibático para el sector hotelero con Ecodry

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