Next Generation European Funds

Fondos Europeos Next Generation

Do you know the Next Generation European Funds ? Find out how to benefit from this grant with Vacca Engineering ! What are the Next Generation European Funds? The Next Generation European Funds are a grant instrument of the European Union endowed with more than 800,000 million euros to be able to repair economic damages … Read more

MiND: Digital Control for Industrial Processes

What is MiND and how it optimizes industrial processes The Frigel Group has brought many innovative developments to its process cooling solutions for different industrial sectors: chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, PET, automotive, etc. All of its product lines now include full digital control technology, along with many enhancements to nearly all of its product categories. … Read more

Legionella, cooling tower and adiabatic cooler

How Legionella affects the cooling tower and the Ecodry adiabatic cooler Outbreaks of legionella arise every summer, registering an increase in cases in the summer season. In order to be able to reduce maximum risk of this disease “the new Royal Decree on criteria hygienic-sanitary for the prevention and control of legionellosis will publish throughout … Read more

Balance 2021 and Purposes 2022

In case you still don’t know us: Vacca Engineering’s activity is main the provision of services and implementation of processes of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning since 1949. In 2006 the company became responsible for official technical service company Frigel Firenze for the entire peninsular territorybeing the exclusive distributor of the products of said brand.  … Read more

Efficient production with adiabatic cooling systems

Frigel’s Ecodry adiabatic cooling system reduces water use by up to 95% As resource conservation is crucial in any industry, the trend towards sustainable production forces manufacturers to evaluate their  refrigeration processes  industry and choose newer equipment, which allows them to minimize the use of water, energy, chemicals and other materials.

Chiller 3FX: Modular water cooled chillers

Energy efficiency and free cooling with 3FX modular water cooled chillers Frigel and Vacca Engineering present the fully modular lines of water-cooled chillers:   With a range of 25 to 139 tons each, the 3FX product line features high efficiency energy , allowing easy expansion. Also, it is capable of provide free cooling as part … Read more

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